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Episode 5 - Double Eliminations

Double eliminations tonight? Maybe the producers are as eager as we are to get this fiasco completed.

We’re going to quickly eliminate one contestant, and, mercifully, it’s Tommy Stanley. Considering that he should have been gone three weeks ago, it’s about time.

Melissa Lawson is up first, and she’s chosen Danny’s Song, by Kenny Loggins. She’s got a very good voice, and she’s obviously one of the front-runners. Though her performance is more pop than country, and she has problems with the lower ranges, she gets rave reviews. For me, it’s a 3½ out of 5.

Laura and Sophie, surprisingly, are still in the hunt. They sing Patsy Cline’s Walking After Midnight. They’re fairly twangy, and they have some pitch problems throughout the song, but their harmony is good, and they’re put a nice Western Swing arrangement to their performance. John Rich makes sure that everyone knows he’s not a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination. 2½ out of 5.

Gabe Garcia is the next to perform, and he’s picked Keith Urban’s Somebody Like You. I don’t really get Gabe Garcia. He’s got a good voice, but he’s incredibly generic. His performance blends into the background, and he’s got virtually no stage presence. Unfortunately, he’s one of the best acts left on the show. 3 out of 5.

I’m thinking that the producers could do us all a favor and just send everyone home except Gabe and Melissa, and end the show next week.

Now it’s Shawn Mayer’s turn, and we learn that she’s fired John Rich as her mentor. For me, that’s a huge point in her favor. She sings The First Cut is the Deepest by Cat Stevens. I expected to be disappointed by yet another pop song, but I'm surprisingly impressed. To me, it’s the best performance of the night so far. 4 out of 5.

Unbelievably, Coffey is still on the show. I’m hoping that maybe he’ll choose a country song this time. Instead, Coffey has chosen Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner. I’m beginning to believe that Coffey has only two country songs in his repertoire, and he’s already used them both. I can handle weak country music better than no country music. Although John Rich doubt’s Coffey’s country roots, Jewel makes it clear that Coffey’s success is the direct result of her incredible mentoring skills. 1 out of 5.

So, it’s either Pearl Heart or Ashlee Hewitt on the chopping block. Considering the adoration that the producers and judges have for Ashlee, I’m not too fond of Pearl Heart’s chances tonight.

Ashlee Hewitt takes John Rich’s advice and sings Steve Miller’s Take the Money and Run. I’m trying to understand why Rich would advise her to sing yet another pop song. She shouts through the song rather than singing, and I’m happy when it’s over. I guess it’s easier to stay on key when you don’t sing. Overall, an awful performance.1 out of 5.

In what I fear will their final performance, Pearl Heart takes on the Garth Brooks hit Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘til the Sun Comes Up), and they flat knocked it out of the park. Awesome harmonies, three electric guitars and incredible energy. Without a doubt, the best performance of the night, and maybe the best of the season. 4½ out of 5.

As I feared, Pearl Heart is eliminated. It’s a shame that they’re leaving, while Coffey, Laura and Sophie, continue to move forward through the competition. Jeffrey Steele gives Pearl Heart a great compliment, as well as an offer to work with them in the future. Here’s hoping it happens soon.

All I can say about Nashville Star’s first season on NBC is this:

What a tragic waste of a once-promising franchise. I’ll be shocked if there’s a Nashville Star Season 7.

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Re: Episode 5 - Double Eliminations

I am in complete agreement with all of your points...It is painful to watch this year's show after we have experienced real talent on the previous shows...The problem I believe is with the producers, who obviously feel it is more compelling ratings-wise to feature young, raw, undeveloped talent that have to be "Mentored" versus giving Talented artists who are on the cusp of Stardom a "Showcase" to help get their career started. They obviouly have no respect for the viewers opinions and perpetrate the sham that the judges are really judging rather than just pandering to the producers whims on who should stay and who should go.

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